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Monkey Man - 1 by xRainbowHammerx
Monkey Man - 1
Just a sexy monkey man :3 I really love how this turned out XD <3 <3 <3
(c) Dun steal my luff ;3;
Otsenre - Lineart and Plotted Colors by xRainbowHammerx
Otsenre - Lineart and Plotted Colors
Still not finished, But hey, The colors look pretty sick XD A little blood too. xD
(c) Still, Dun take my wulf
So, I want to get better. 
So I am doing this 30 day tumblr thingy I found on google.
Let's start the hell.
(All rights of this journal and the steps go to the person who posted it in the link above, little kibbins <3 )
  1. Self-Portrait - Introduce yourself Self Portrait
  2. Draw a figure using a reference - link to reference Draw a figure using a Reference
  3. Draw a figure that’s in action, using a reference - link to reference Draw a figure in Action
  4. Draw a part of the human anatomy you have trouble with. x20, with at least 5 being skeletal/musculature studies.
  5. Draw more figures. Quick gestures and silhouettes. x20, with atleast 10 different body shapes
  6. Let’s have some fun. Design a character from either This or This character generator! Be creative and bring something to life!
  7. Pick the weirdest object in your house/room. Draw it. Shadows and Highlights.
  8. Find 2-3 objects, make a scene with them. Draw it. Bonus points for creativity. Double points for dramatic lighting.
  9. Draw a landscape of a place you’ve never been or drawn.
  10. Draw a BG with 1pt Perspective. Negative points if it’s a railroad or an empty street.
  11. Draw a BG with 2pt Perspective.
  12. Look out a window. Draw what you see. Bonus points for adding something interesting.
  13. Draw an interior setting with the character you designed on Day #6 in it.
  14. BG with either bird’s eye or worm’s eye view.
  15. Halfway there! Draw three 'action’ scenes with different compositions in each. Quick sketches are fine, just make them interesting and understandable! Bonus points if it’s the same scene, but different composition.
  16. Draw a single page comic with 5-7 panels (the story begins and ends on one page). 
  17. Draw an animal you’ve never drawn before. x10  Link references.
  18. Draw a car. Negative points for whining. Hint: Use a perspective grid.
  19. Think of the thing you hate drawing the most. Guess what? Draw it! Negative points for lying to yourself.
  20. Pick an object in your house/room. Now design a character from it, using the shapes, forms, textures, purpose and colors as inspiration. Also link/post the object you used. Negative points for using a humanoid action figure.
  21. Draw a character/object/scene, and shade them using ONLY solid blacks and whites. Bonus points for good use of lights/shadows
  22. Draw a different object/scene/character. Shade using hatching, crosshatcing, and/or pointillism. Bonus points for lights/shadows and textures.
  23. Colors! Pick a color palette, and paint a scene/character/object using only those colors (some blending allowed). Bonus points for good use of lights/shadows.
  24. Draw and color a scene/object/character - no lines allowed! (aka - lineless art). Don’t forget light and shadows!
  25. Draw a scene/character in a style you’ve never drawn before. If emulating an artist, credit+link. Bonus for color style.
  26. Draw a character. Draw 10 emotions/expressions. Bonus points for 'uncommon’ emotions. (i.e. anxiety, guilt, despair, loneliness etc.)
  27. Draw three random shapes using your opposite hand (or your foot). Now design characters from those shapes.
  28. Turn on the tv (or load your illegally downloaded movies). Pick an actor and draw them.
  29. Almost done! Let’s have some fun. Draw some fanart. Bonus points if it’s super obscure and unknown. Make people guess what it’s from.
  30. Last day! Find a drawing you did within the last year. Now draw it again using what you’ve learned! Link it for comparison!
I'll post under each one when I complete it ;w; -Raises Tablet pen- I PLEDGE TO FINISH ALL OF THESE IN ORDER. (But I may be a hour to a day or month behind ;w; Just bein' honest.


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United States
Er, Hai. xD

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